Our History

Smith County Humane

 Smith County, TN

Smith County Humane started with about 5 people in 2002 and we now have 12 members.  We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who care deeply for all animals.  Some volunteers have full-time jobs, in and outside of Smith County.  We created an organization to house, care for and champion unhomed animals.  We no longer have the kennels or property to house the animals and don't have a county shelter.  But we are their voices, since they can't speak for themselves.  We provide education on responsible pet care, such as not leaving animals in a hot car, or leaving them out in the winter without food or shelter.  We work with the community, helping the elderly and underprivileged to provide and care for their beloved pets.  We help to provide much needed affordable spay/neuter services.  Our local vet, Dr. Lindsey Dixon, has partnered with us in this endeavor. We lobby for government funds to help our local town and county with the pet overpopulation.  We also do road blocks to raise funds, send out yearly donation letters, as well as attend vendor events.  We have helped an estimated 5,302 dogs and cats with spay and neuter, helping to prevent approximately 37,000 litters of puppies and kittens.  These litters usually grow up either unattended or neglected, left to breed and continue the cycle of overpopulation.  All donations go towards helping to prevent that from occurring.  Here are a few pictures of animals we've rehomed, when we had our kennels.  We no longer have them, but continue to support spay, neuter and education.  All donations and monies stay in Smith County to help the citizens of Smith County.